Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 A serious 40k year?

So, this past year I finally attended my first few gt events. Second, first and eighth, prize support was great. The players are definitely different then the local tournament scene. I was also invited to become part of the 40k wrecking crew. That's cool. They are a group of like minded guys. As a former olympic level competitor this is refreshing.
So, this year I will be working on gts more and I am also helping with feast of bladed in denver, co this year. I'm running the qualifiers for nc, sc and ga. This should be interesting.
So, after the last three GT's is will now be about trying to make a positive name for myself on the circuit. This will not be easy due to the fact when you defeat some of the people who are part of the GT scene, there is a lot of bad mouthing that occurs. I plan on trying to do some battle reports on dakka and do an ebay store to support my GT habit. So with my IG and GK armies it is off to the battlefield that I go.

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