Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boarderlands Round 4 GK vs Harley Vulcan

Into the final round of a very long day. I am playing against Jeff another Boarderlands guy. He is playing a vulcan bike list that is absolutely gorgeous! I used to play a Vulcan list when it first came out and did well with it. I didn't use bikes though and with the missions that we could be getting this could be a real pain in the ass. I win the roll to go first and we both joke that we should see what we get for mission before I decide to go first or give it to him. We roll pitched battle and I get 1.have units in my deployment zone, kill his most expensive non-hq unit and keep my highest hq alive. Well, I guess Mordrak will be walking on the board from reserve and not deepstriking today, a first for him. The rest of the army I chose to reserve as well. Jeff gets his missions and he doesn't look very happy either. As it turned out his was missions involved getting across the board and get units into my deployment zone as well as the objective in my deployment zone. The game was more or less a shooting match like the BT match with one interesting issue that came up during the game about a embarked psyback being able to rotate and the DCA being able to disembark while there was a bike squad next to the vehicle after a failed assault. It was ruled by Twitch that I couldn't: He did a lot of turbo boosting the bikes around the board with me just pumping a huge volume of shots into the bikes and the number of saves were average so after 6 rounds of shooting it just caught up to his army. I ended the event 4-0 winning the event. Pros There were 22 people and no one dropped, the players were ace to play against, the missions were unique and not unbalanced for one army or another, and the air condition was working very well! Cons With 13 missions and them being new some of the games were gone only to turn 4 and 5 due to people reading and rereading their missions at the beginning of each turn. Twitch and Boarderlands run a great event. I just wish it was more than 3 times a year. They should be hosting the qualifier for Feast of Blades in August for SC, Mike will have NC at Endless Gaming and Treefort Games and a location to be named in Augusta for GA. For more information on those events go to or look them up on facebook.

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