Saturday, January 14, 2012

So, this weekend coming up will be a 4 round RTT at a place called Boarderlands.  It is a gaming and comic store here in the Greenville area.  I have been there quite a few times in the past.  They have good tables, a lot of people and the guy running the event knows the rules well.  So do most of the players.

Now this tournament will be different with win conditions.  There are thirteen possible missions that you will have to attain and you will have three per mission to do so.  They are on dakkadakka if your interested.  The four mission for each of the games will be to prevent your opponent from achieving his three objectives, the trick is, you don't know what his missions are.  This presents a challenge and it is why I like going to the tournaments there.  You have to think, you have to understand tactics and that is what I like best about this game.

There will be some people that will complain.  There will be some that cry foul because they misunderstood the parameters of the mission, but that is the point of the missions.  I have a couple of things to consider for each mission because deployment and the grand strategy will matter for each one.  Keeping this in mind I have put notes on each of the missions to remind me which I should do.  I find it helpful to keep notes on things like this.  This habit is just like teaching my students to take notes on the people that they fence because they will do the same thing each time you fence against them.  Same thing about playing certain armies, they are usually the same so defeating them based on movement and priority targeting remains the same.

I feel that this army that I'm bring has a lot of potential based on the missions.  It worked well in Augusta at 1750 and now with the changes at 1850 it should be humming right along.  I have dropped the second interceptor squad.  They die quickly and I just can't see them sitting back until the end game.  I have added a purgation squad with a rhino that should be key if I am playing horde or scarab swarm.

Well, we will see how the army works and I will try to do a full battle report.

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