Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boarderland Round 3 CSM vs. GK

So after round 2 I am still in the running for the top spot. In this field of 22 players I feel that my next match must be either one of the three space wolf players, one of the couple of IG leafblower lists or one of the other GK players. There is a Draigo wing list here so that will be tough is I have to play it. Nope, I am playing a CSM dual lash list. This will be interesting. I am seeing that the normal top tier lists are not fairing to well against the variable mission list that Twitch has for the tournament. His list 2 DP with Lash 2 Obiterator squads 3 csm squads in rhinos 1 chosen squad (5 melta guns holy crap batman) 1 vindicator Mission is Dawn of War. He wins the roll to go first and takes it. I have objectives (again), modified kill points (one from each of the FC chart)), terrain features. Well from the beginning I am looking at the fact that he has no fast attacks and if I kill the rhinos that his troops or chosen are in then that counts as a KP in that slot as well. Turn 1 He has one squad and a DP on the board to start with and the rest come on turn one. He has his obliterators roll snake eyes for there slow and purposeful movement so the question of the day becomes if the bases are more than one inch wide then do they die because they cannot get on the board? The answer with the latest faq becomes yes from Twitch. There is the heavy support choice killed before I even get a turn, yeah for me. There is a bunch of popping smoke and nothing else because of night fight rules. My turn one Mordrak comes into the backfield next to the obliterators and runs into cover. I am hoping to take out the oblits with a quick charge because Im in cover and with the sleath I'll get the +1 to the cover save (I was so wrong on this choice of drops). The rest of the army comes in and unloads the psybolts on the squad in the middle and the DP's. The DP take a couple of wounds and the rhino on the troop transport gets destroyed. Now all i need to do is kill one of the DP's and the chosen, when the come onto the board from outflanking. Turn 2 Now up to this point Mordrak has stayed pretty much intact without much damaged. Well, that changed. The DP's took him out of cover and right in front of the obliterators into a hail of rapid fire plasma gun shots. Followed by the assault from the obliterators. Mordrak and the ghost knights got owned and it didn't look good for me staring at the two DP getting ready to punch their way into my psybacks. Fortunately for me I had one round of shooting before that was going to happen. His chosen didn't come it either. My turn two without Mordrak saw the many failed saves of his DP's that evaporated into the mist of the warp. Also his vindicator lost the main gun. The tide has now turned the other way. Turn 3 Now with out the DP's leading an assault and the threat of the vindicator gone the rest of his army took a defensive posture behind terrain. His chosen came in and disembarked to bring all meltaguns to bear on the chimera on the right flank. Chimera becomes scrap metal as well on of the veteran henchman. The obliterators lascannoned the purifier rhino and immobilized it and it also lost the storm bolter. My turn three saw the DCA squad charge the obliterators and wipe them out, the interceptors jumped and assaulted the chosen killing them. The vindicator got destroyed. Leaving his two squad left in the back corner and one squad in the middle to receive a whole lot of love and attention. After a couple more turns the fire power overpowered the rest of his army and cleared the table. This round I got the full 40. It was now 6pm and everything was running right on schedule. I really love 4 round events, especially if I don't have to drive 5 hours to get to them. My opponent is the beginning was really rolling dice fast and wouldn't tell me what he was rolling for. This caused a little confusion at first but we worked it out and had some time left over to talk about the possibilities in 6th and his old Abaddon list with terminators that was just BEAST! I had packed snacks and sandwiches for the long day and it was paying off, some of my friends (yes, I have a couple, not many mind you) were starting to get a little wiped from the three rounds and the new missions to deal with.

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