Sunday, January 8, 2012

Augusta GA Tournament recap

Went down to Augusta this weekend to play in a local rtt. They were suppose to have 16 but only 10 showed up. It was fine. I played two fun competitive games and one that tested my new years resolution.

Mission one - kill points

First was against BT land raider spam army. His list had two twin linked lc razorbacks with the 5 man las/plas make up. He had two crusaders, one with lc t/th terminators with the marshal and the other with a squad and the emperor's chump. He won first turn and took it. That works well with Mordrak. I have come to realize that with him, I will always prefer to go second. He deployed with squad and razorback on both flanks and the crusaders in the middle.
This allowed me to take the principle of not engaging one of the flanks and just crushing the one side. Mordrak and company dropped behind the one squad flank and the razorbacks and chimeras drove up to meet them. The crusaders were destroyed quickly by the multimelta servitors and the henchmen with the meltaguns.
The DCAs mopped up the remains. He had to zeal toward me to get into close combat. That didn't work well for him and at the end of turn 6 he had one lone lascannon marine on the board.

Round 2 Space wolves with 3 squads of ml long fangs.

Mission - Objectives - each table had 5, one in each quarter and one in the middle.

This game was won except for three items that occurred during the game that made me call it and give it my opponent. I know him and consider him one of my warhammer buddies. My new years resolution is that if you are going to cheat to get the win or "selectively" forget things and only remember when I remind you of them then it obviously means more to you than me, so you can have it. Needless to say when I called it in the end of turn 5 when I was winning the match really through him for a loop. I could tell he felt bad afterwards, maybe next time he will realize that it just a game of little toy soldiers.

Round 3 GK strike squad spam with paladins

This match was against another warhammer buddy who plays in Columbia but was in Charlotte during the days of the warzone stores and has seen me go through a lot of BS over this game that i enjoy so much even to this day. We both joked that his list was limited to 24 inches and that mine had long range reach as well a strong mid-range game. In the end it proved to be to much for him to deal with, he was tabled by turn 5.

The main reason for going down was to see the only other store in the area that had 40k players. This space was larger than the other one and will be good for the feast of blades qualifier. Now we will have two in GA and one in NC and one in SC. Hopefully that will mean that there will be at least 5 people who will make it out to CO.

The new list works good without the stormraven. Being patient with all the different DCA squads in different. It is more a chess match with the new list. Now to bump it up for the 1850 at boarderlands. The mission formats that they have for the tournament will be interesting to say the least.

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