Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boarderlands SC 4 round tournament recap and report

Well, this weekend was the true test of the new GK list that I have been working on.  One without paladins, or stormravens, or techmarine with grenade shenanigans.  It is based on a simple premise of IG volume of fire, army tactics of move, shoot and communicate.  In short, it worked and it worked well.  This tournament would be a good test because there were 13 different missions.  Each round you had to try to get all three conditions for the 30 points (up to 10 for each one) and then an additional 10 if you kept your opponent from achieving their three.  It was very interesting; for a look at the mission follow this link

Battle report

Round 1 Tau

Pitched battle

2 Hammerheads
3 Broadsides (one unit)
1 devilfish
3 fire warrior squads
3 crisis suit team
2 kroot squads
crisis suit commander

My objectives for this mission were 7, 9, 11

Kill his HQ, hold the center, hold the 5 objective markets on the board.  I had no idea what his 3 were.

It was funny that I got the only tau player in the room.  I was hoping this was a good omen, because my first opponent at Beaky Con was tau as well, and I won that GT.  Chandler was the name of my opponent and was a great guy to play against.  He had not played against grey knights yet and this was going to be his first go at it.  He said he had read a lot about them on the net, so he was surprised to see no stormravens or paladins in the list.  He won the roll to go first and took it.  He keep the fire warrior squads in reserve.  He deployed the hammerheads and two crisis suit teams on the right flank and the hq and his crisis suit retinue in the middle.  He used the kroot for a meat shield in front of the crisis suits.  I deployed everything opposite from him on the same flank.  I knew that I was going to lose about 2-4 rhinos or chimeras in the first round of shooting then with Mordrak to land in between the two crisis teams and the interceptor squad on the next to the hammerheads I should be able to squeeze him together and force the HTH while the rest of the army moves up for the second wave.  It will depend on how much fire Mordrak and the ghost knights can withstand.  I kept the purgation squad scouting, thus outflanking (grand strategy) and one of the dca pysbacks in reserve.  
The plan for me was to have the rifledreads and the jokaeros with the multimelta servitors (they got the increase for 12' the other squad got nothing) have shooting match with the hammerheads and the broadsides while the rest of the army came up and diced them up.

Well, his first turn saw two of the front psybacks bit the dust and they were removed from play leaving two DCA squads in the wind but kept the dreads, purifiers, and the interceptors safe.

My first turn saw Mordrak come in and the interceptors shunt across the board.  Mordrak ran into cover in the building while the interceptors shot and burned the kroot that was the meat shield for the cover saves.  The purifiers moved there twelve in front of the hammerheads and got out.  Between the two dreads and the one jokaero uni,t a hammerhead was immoblized and lost a railgun.  I now discover that any shot outside 12" from his hammerheads in the open will give him a cover save, DAMN!  The one kroot squad vanished in a cloud of blood and that is the end of turn one. 

Turn 2 Hammer head and broadsides shoot at my dreads and vehicles still on the other side.  A couple of shaken results on the chimeras.  The rest of the army then decides to deal with the interceptor squad and Mordrak and his crew.  He should have dealt with them first.  After the fire warrior squad that came in from reserve and the two crisis suit team unloaded into them only one ghost knight took the dirt nap.  He realized from here on out it in now just a matter of time.  The interceptor squad leaps 12 over the building and Mordrak moves out of cover into the middle of the crisis suit team and his commanders crisis suit team and the close combat began.  Unfortunately, for him he lost and made his morale roll on double 1s.  This would mean that in his next turn of shooting he will not be able to shoot at the interceptors or Mordrak's unit. 

Turn 3 His Broadside team sees the future of the close combat right next to them and begin to move away but realize that they will just die tired.  His other fire warriors and devilfish come in, he has them come in over at the left flank edge and jump on the objective.  A couple of more purifiers die to railgun shots from the hammerhead and the broadsides.  He has seen what eight shots from these guys can do to a unit or vehicle.
The close combat ends with his HQ and retinue dead, the crisis suit team dead and the other kroot unit that came pile on the GK crew wiped off the map.  My turn three saw the purgation squad come in on the left flank next to his devilfish and fire warriors.  They became barbecue.

The rest of the game was clean up from here and I ended the round with the full 30 on my side and then a bonus 10 for denial on his side.

Chandler was a great sport and I was happy to meet him and his buddy.  Hopefully we will be able to get some games in over at Boarderlands some evening.  Teaching at night really sucks sometimes.

Issues that come up from the event:

1. Measuring a shunt move
2. Being inside a building
3. Vehicle pivoting after assaults
4. Obliteraters double 1's
5  Line of site with camera

I will delve into these as the report continues on.

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