Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beaky Con Grand Tournament

OK, this is the second gt of the year for me. The first was a second place vs space wolves. I could have won but made a stupid move in the last turn that cost me the game.

This time it was down to Tampa for the Beaky Con. Steve Turner was hosting this one. I have been to two other events that he has hosted, the mini con in NC. I won the first year and came in second the next year. These were not official GT events but were fun, none the less.

This one was hosted in a hotel. It was great. The terrain was good and there were 40 people a lot of them were from Florida but there were plenty of people that were outside FL. I brought my Mordrak list that I have been working with. I felt that it had the best chance of winning especially with the number of IG players that were going to this event. Also there were a fair number of SW players that were signed up as well.

Well, my first opponent was playing TAU! Holy shit a tau player, I told him that he was the bravest man in the room, he laughed. The player is SWAGS on the bog dukes inferno. We had a great game and he was a great player. I won the match and we exchanged info for an event called Feast of Blades. Now as it turns out I will be helping to host events in GA, NC and SC.

The match that I would be playing against would be against a SW with no thundercav. This guy was super nice and was from Miami. He had never run into a death cult assassin army or the Mordrak first turn drop. He had first turn and killed 3 of the 4 pysbacks that I had. Lucky for me he charged forward and engaged the deathcult assassins in HTH. This saved my butt. In the end the deathcult assassins proved to be to much for him. My vindicare assassin was worthless in this battle as well as the tau match before hand.

Round 3 was against a dark eldar player who had come back to the game after about a 5 year hiatus and he had never played against grey knights. I won first turn and he still deployed the entire yacht race in front of my army. The flicker fields failed him and it was all over from there.

So for the first day I was 3-0 and the next day I was going to be playing against IG on the first match. Well, it was bound to happen once during the tournament and that was why I brought Mordrak.

He won first turn and took the spearhead corner that gave him the most cover. I reserved my army and was hoping that Mordrak and his crew could do enough damage in the first couple of turns to allow me to get into his ranks. I also outflanked with the interceptor squad. To say that Mordrak earned his points would be an understatement, he lived until turn 5!!!! This match was a steamroller driven by Mordrak and the interceptors.

The last match was the mirror match against a purifier GK list. It was a nail biter all the way to the end of turn 7! It came down to me making two morale saves from shooting on both of my henchmen squads. If I failed either one I lost the match. Pass them both and I have now won my first GT. I got a $150 voucher from GW and a tyranid army that was really cool. Definitely the most loot that I have gotten from any GT and my first win as part of the 40k wrecking crew.

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