Friday, January 6, 2012

Tournaments for January

Well there are two local tournaments here in the SE this weekend. One at a store in Augusta GA and one in Greenville at a store called Boarderlands. One is 1750 and the other is 1850. The one at boarderlands will be the more competitive of the two. I am going down to Augusta in the hopes of trying to support and develop a competitive 40k scene. I have given up on Columbia. The guys I know that play there are great and serious. The store that they play at leaves a lot of room for improvement and any attempts that I have made with constructive criticism has been met with indifference. Because part of my 2012 resolutions that me and my lovely wife have made deals with helping those that want and will use help this means Columbia is off my radar for while.
I will be using a variation of my GK list. This one will be used to have some necron hate in with the interceptors because I see a lot of the scarab spam being used. My son, Brandon, is developing this list and it can be deadly to those that dont have a way of dealing with it early.
I have taken the raven out and put a couple of the rifle dreads in to create and collapsing flack maneuver with Mordrak. I will try it out this weekend and see if I am going to beef it up for the tournament at Boarderlands.
Finally, I think that I will be looking at going to Austin for the Warcon. Hopefully, with I can make this happen around the fencing camps before I go off to CA for nationals.

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