Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boarderlands Round 2 GK vs BT

Now with the first round in the bag we were on to round two.  This would be interesting because with the 30/10 split for the total 40 points, I was curious to see who I would draw.  I drew Matt from the inner circle of the Boaderlands crew.  Matt was playing BT.  His list as I remember it was:
Emperor's Chump
Marshal with all the trappings
Four squads (melta and pf) in razorbacks with twin link lascannons
two vindicators with machine spirits (which proved to be a pain)
venerable dread with lascannon (that would not die)
3 typhoons

The mission was spearhead.  I had to keep three unit is my deployment zone.  Control objectives (again).  Control more table quarters than him.

I won first turn and I took it.  The theory behind this was that if in the first round of shooting I could take care of his typhoons and/or stun some of the razorbacks I could make him try to hoof it across the board.  I had him out gunned so it was going to come down to who had the most effective HTH is on the objectives in the end game.

Turn 1 saw me drop one of the vindicators and have Mordrak and his crew drop next to a building (not a ruin) and then run into the building.  Now this was different, because in the next turn when Mordrak and a couple of other squads went to leave said building I learned that if it is a building and not a ruin then I have to treat it like a vehicle.  Therefore, if there are no doors or windows where I want to exit said building then I am shit out of luck.  This resulted in Mordrak and his squad having to go back out the way they came in.  By the time all this backtracking happened his army was far, far away from Mordrak and his ghost knights.  I also knocked off some of the weapons from some of the typhoons and stunned a couple of razorbacks, however with extra armor and machine spirit I learned that this meant nothing.  It has been a long time since I had played with or against BT, so some of this was a refreshers course.

His turn one I watched as his entire army started to retreat backwards.  This meant that either he had gotten some objectives that he had to stay back or he realized that he was going to lose the shooting war and wanted to get out of my 36 " range and use his 48" range.  I lost a dread , pysback and chimera to his shooting.  This was going to definitely be a shooting match.

Turn 2  I wanted to draw him out and measured during my movement phase with a shunt move with the interceptors.  After measuring it out I decided that I would wait until later turns and not commit them to soon.  This was a problem that I was having with them in earlier tournaments and was trying to be more disciplined with them in this game.  Matt at this point informed me that because I measured the shunt move I had to move them the shunt move of 30".  I told him that you are allowed to premeasure in the movement phase but not the shooting phase.  After a quick consult with Twitch, Matt learned you can measure the shunt and decide just to move 6" or the jump for 12".
Next I shot at one of the typhoons that had moved flat out in his turn and immobilized it.  I explain that it was now destroyed but he insisted that would only happen if it was immobilized in his turn.  Another quick consult with Twitch and I was now two for two.  I might add that Matt is a good player and fun guy to play against.  At no time did we argue or disrupt the flow of the game.  We agreed to disagree and moved on with our game.  I also learned that because the building acted like a vehicle I could not leave the building and then embark on one of my transports because that would be like leaving one vehicle and embarking on another.  Makes sense to me.  I don't like it but it makes perfect sense so I have the unit stay in the building for another turn.  Now my purifiers that have been in a rhino in the middle of the board are doing an awesome job.  The 4 to 8 shots at strength 7 with rending have proven worth their weight in gold.  I will see where I can put more of these in on the 2000 pt list.

His turn has some more moving to the back corner with a couple of razorbacks attempting to outflank me to the right and in the end the other rifledread and DCA squad but an end to that by the end of the game.

The rest of the match is a bunch of back and forth with shooting and game ends on turn 5 if I remember correctly.  I get 23 of my point objectives because the objectives were worth more on the other side, which I didn't read all the way through.  My bad.  I got 6 for denial some of his objectives so the end result was 23 to 29 me, if I remember it correctly.  I was trying to kill his ven dread who would not die and he was trying to save him for his objective, so this worked well as opposing objectives.

Overall, I had thought is was going to be a big THT battle but it really didn't turn out that way.  His EC died to shots from the purifiers when he rolled snake eyes for saves.  Very anti climatic but still a fun match.

The list is working well so far.  I am probably going to be dropping the servitors though.  They have been ineffective so far in the missions.  

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